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Animatronic Tiki Bird

Meet Coco! I had the joy of creating Coco during a 2023 Song Bird Animatronic Workshop at Garner Holt Productions. Her colors and face paint are inspired by the iconic showgirl birds from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. I was responsible for her assembly, figure finishing, and performance- utilizing her 6-functions. As an ongoing project, Coco will continue to be modified and improved- making sure she continues to captivate everyone she meets.


Hi, I'm

Sondra Lee Puppet

One of the stars from the Bob Baker's Marionette Theater's Magic Strings and Hooray LA, and a Bob Baker original... Sondra Lee! The workshop recreated a second Sondra Lee puppet in 2023 to ensure her presence in the shows for many more years to come. It was important to mirror the original look and personality the iconic original. I was responsible for painting the new Sondra Lee, requiring both airbrush and hand painting as well as mixing a custom paint colors to mirror the original.

The original Sondra Lee by Bob Baker (Left) and the workshop 2023 recreation (Right)

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

A gallery of the various and miscellaneous works I've contributed to while apprenticing and freelancing as a fabricator in the puppet workshop at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. I have been credited for my work on the 2023 Halloween Spooktacular and Bob Baker's Nutcracker shows, contributed to their 60th "Diamond Jubilee" celebration, and the 2024 edition of Magic Strings. My work at the theater focuses on hand painting, airbrush, color/paint matching, restoration work, and paint preparation.


60th Diamond Jubilee Decor

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater in LA had their 60th Diamond Jubilee Birthday Celebration in 2023!

I helped fabricate and coordinate some of the whimsical decor through the theater, including over 300 diamonds throughout the Theater, and a pair of Lollipops. Set design concepts by Bob Breen.

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